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Welcome to Pyr Paws  N Fluffy Tails Rescue

We are a pet adoption agency dedicated to rescuing dogs throughout the state of Oklahoma. Our goal is to save any large fluffy butt in need. We primarily focus on Great Pyrenees and their mixes but also accept Goldens, Aussies, Newfies, and other large fluffies and their mixes. We started PPFT in September of 2016 and have an amazing group of volunteers, fosters, adopters, and supporters! We could not do what we do without them!

We hope you will consider becoming part of the Pyr Paws family whether it is as an adopter, volunteer or foster. If you are interested in being part of our mission please visit the services tab and fill out the application that most applies to you!

We invite you to visit us...

Check us out on Facebook where we try to post updates daily and hopefully meet your new family member! We may be a small rescue now but with your help know we can grow bigger which means we can save more dogs! Sound like a doggie gone deal??!!!!

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